Window Fashion Types

We feature a wide selection of window fashions. With the right window covering you create a mood, a look, a setting or a coordination of colors with the latest styles, trends and shapes in window fashions.

When you shop at Abbey Carpet & Floor you’ll have the opportunity to coordinate your new floor covering with your window fashions!

  • Vertical Blinds They complement most window shapes and add height to any room. The vertical vanes, available in a full range of styles from moderately priced vinyl and aluminum to decorative fabrics, rotate open and closed and draw across the window or sliding glass door like a drapery to provide excellent light control.

    Benefits: Contemporary alternative to drapes. Drapery-like textures and patterns. Provides light control. Easy to clean. Gravity does the dusting.
  • Wood Blinds Also a type of horizontal blind that's similar in construction and operation, wood blinds offer a warm natural look. Wood is a natural insulator providing excellent energy efficiency. Wood blinds are most commonly offered in 1” and 2” slat sizes and in a variety of paints, stains and finishes. The wide slat sizes offer a bolder, traditional, shutter-type appearance. Woven cloth tapes can be added to coordinate with the surrounding décor.

    : Excellent light control. Adds warmth. Offers feel of wood furniture. Blends with traditional or contemporary décor. Extremely energy efficient. Economical alternative to shutters.

  • Horizontal Blinds Commonly known as mini blinds, horizontal blinds are the most widely used window treatment available. They consist of aluminum or vinyl faux wood slats, ranging in sizes from ½” to 2 1/2”. They can be raised and lowered with the pull of a cord. Their sleek design and wide range of colors and styles makes them suitable for almost any room décor.

    Benefits: Excellent light control. Vast selection of colors and styles. Varying slat widths for different size windows. 2” blinds offer traditional feel. Durable.

  • Honeycomb Shades These shades feature a unique pleated honeycomb construction to provide both fashion and energy efficiency. A pull cord allows you to raise and lower the shade as needed for light control and privacy. The durable, washable polyester fabric is available in a wide range of colors and prints, in small, medium and large pleat sizes and in various densities from sheer to total blackout.

    Benefits: Excellent insulation. No visible cord holes. Available in wide widths to cover large windows. White backing provides uniform look from outside. Easy care and maintenance

  • Pleated Shades Pleated shades feature decorative fabric in permanent accordion-like pleats that are crisp and stylish. Like honeycomb shades, they also lift and lower with the use of a pull cord. Woven fabric brings out the color intensity and material texture. Pleated shades are available in various densities to filter the sunlight or completely block it.

    Benefits: Offered in rich fabrics to match all decorating styles. Ideal use with drapery treatments. Various levels of privacy available. Liners offer light control. Easy to operate.

  • Shutters Window shutters offer a classic style and are an ideal solution for windows exposed to high heat, humidity and other extreme climate conditions. Louvered shutters are available in three styles: cafe shutters, plantation shutters, and sliding shutters. Like cafe curtains, cafe shutters cover only the bottom portion of a window. Plantation shutters cover a window from top to bottom. Sliding shutters work like sliding patio doors and operate on a track where one door slides behind the other. Shutters can be made from hardwood or formulated ultraviolet resistant poly-satin compounds that are guaranteed never to warp, fade, chip or peel, regardless of high heat or other extreme climate conditions.

    Benefits: Increase energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs. Protects interior from ultraviolet rays.