Richard's Paint

Richard's Rust Shield Red Oxide
Rust Shield Red Oxide Metal Primer

Our professional quality rust preventative industrial metal primer specially formulated to provide excellent long-term corrosion protection. Use on both interior and exterior ferrous metal surfaces in general maintenance and some industrial paint applications. Easy to apply, it provides excellent coverage, spreads evenly, resists sagging, and has excellent leveling properties. It penetrates into surface pores, has excellent adhesion qualities and creates a smooth professional finish. It provides excellent durability, is moisture and abrasion resistant, and is VOC compliant. Available in 1 gallon & 5 gallon containers.
Richard's Rust Shield Red Aluminum
Rust Shield Industrial Gloss Aluminum

A quality resin based aluminum protective coating designed to meet the strictest durability requirements of the industrial maintenance market. Its special formulation exhibits a brilliant silver aluminum finish for superior reflectivity. It provides excellent weather resistance on substrates that have a specific need for application of an aluminum coating. Its ease of application means it spreads easily and has excellent leveling properties. It provides superior durability, moisture resistance, offers excellent coverage and adhesion. In addition its rust inhibitive properties serve to protect a variety of metal surfaces. Meets MPI Standard #1 of the Master Painters Institute approved products list. For interior & exterior use. Available in 1 gallon & 5 gallon containers.
Richard's Excell2 DTM Gloss Aluminum
Excel 2 DTM Gloss Aluminum

A professional quality multipurpose aluminum DTM enamel that offers a brilliant silver color finish. Its special waterborne acrylic formulation provides superior high performance properties and excellent durability for a variety metal surfaces, such as chain link fences, metal roofs, and more. It’s tough protective film provides the same superior corrosion protection, chemical and solvent resistance similar to that of solvent-based aluminum coatings. Easy to apply, it provides superior coverage, moisture resistance, flash rusting, and salt spray. It resists chipping, staining, alkali and is also mildew resistant. Its unique formulation also offers excellent product versatility as it may be used on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, and is VOC compliant. Available in 1 gallon & 5 gallon containers.
Richard's Richwood Polyurethane
Richwood Polyurethane

Provides maximum beauty and protection for both interior and limited exterior wood. A unique blend of synthetic resins gives this product excellent durability and hardness. It resists flaking, chipping, salt water, light chemical cleaning and is alkali resistant. It is ideal for use in areas where abrasion resistance is needed, as well as stain resistance from the use of household chemicals. Its excellent qualities of wear and durability allow this product to be used in Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Factories, Etc. For interior & limited exterior use. Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss sheens.
Richard's Roof Shield Elastomeric
Roof Shield Elastomeric Roof Coating

A high build 100% acrylic mastic waterproof roof coating specifically formulated for application to various types of roofing surfaces. Its unique formulation is designed to provide unsurpassed quality and performance, significantly improving thermal properties by reflecting approximately 90% of ultra-violet light. It provides excellent weather resistance, waterproofing properties, and bridges hairline cracks. Easy to apply, it has excellent coverage, resists chalking and dirt pick-up and is mildew, algae and fungus resistant. Its mastic properties and characteristics allow for use as a patching material for repairs of some cracks and seams on the substrate, and its product versatility allows for application to flat, sloped, and ponding water roofs. Available in 5 gallon containers only.