You'll find everything you need at House of Color! New construction or remodels, indoors or outside, house or office, we can assist you through the process from the design of your vision to the placement of the very last tile! We go over your designs with you. We will consult in your home. We will install it for you. All you have to do is share your thoughts and we will make it happen at the best possible value to you!

Our knowledgeable staff is waiting for you! We have a wide range of experience in painting, design, and installations! Our professional installers alone have over one-hundred years of experience! We don't just go through the motions here, we use our hearts! Our motto to you is "Make your House a Home", let us help you do just that! We want your home to be beautiful!
Interior Design

In-Home Consulting

Floor Coverings

Tile & Stone


Area Rugs


Professional Installation

Window Treatments

Wall Coverings

Luxury Vinyl


Custom Cabinetry


  Residential, Commercial Flooring experts also specializing in the custom cabinetry from industry leading manufacturers.
For examples of this work, visit our Project Gallery