Green Products

Conklin Brothers in Santa Rosa is leading the way in preserving our environment. We not only sell and install the newest environmentally friendly products, but, we are blazing a trail in recycling. Conklin Bros. will recycle nearly all carpet and pad they remove from their customer's homes. It's estimated over 4.5 billion pounds of carpet end up in landfills every year and Conklin Bros. is striving to eliminate this. What more could you ask for? Sale Prices and financing are available now.

Below you will find a sample of green products available at Conklin Bros.

Shaw Environmental
The Shaw Green Edge demonstrates environmental leadership through demonstrable progress. Shaw Contract Group contributes to the hundreds of environmental initiatives occurring throughout the company that have positive environmental, economic and social impacts. Collectively, these initiatives add up to the Shaw Green Edge.

The Green Edge is more than a symbol or wordmark. It is a signal that Shaw’s core strategy is three-fold: initiative driven, value guided, and invested in long-term solutions. Wherever the Shaw Green Edge appears, it stands for our commitment to progress by every means.



Social and environmental responsibility has been a core value at Forbo for many decades. Environmentally compatible products and state-of-the-art processes ensure that each production stage minimizes our environmental impact.

Forbo engages in responsible product sourcing that combines the customers’ preference for quality with care for the environment, carefully selecting suppliers who reflect environmental and social concerns. Forbo constantly seeks to improve the environmental performance of their processes; all manufacturing operations are ISO 14001 certified. Raw materials and energy are used efficiently, waste is recycled wherever possible, and emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

The Most Natural of Materials
Life-cycle analysis shows that Forbo linoleum products are the ecologically preferred floor covering. Linoleum is produced from renewable materials: linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments. These materials underlie the charm that gives each design its inimitable, distinguished look.

Natural Cork
Natural CORK launches exciting new website! Great floors are more than just objects that serve a function. They surpass the value assigned by nature and infuse unique beauty to its surrounding design.

No matter what your style is, Natural CORK & more offers an eclectic assortment of floor coverings sure to enhance the ecological sensibility of your space.