Hardwood Refinishing

A-Mar Interiors is now offering hardwood refinishing. Hardwood floor refinishing / sanding used to be an extremely dusty job and a clean-up headache for the homeowner.
Bona's Atomic Dust Containment System is used by our professionals to keep your home 99.8% dust-free during the refinishing process. Let A-Mar Interiors do all the work!
A-Mar Interiors contains the dust by using Bona's innovative Atomic Dust Containment Systems. These are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems available, generating 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process. Our Dust Free sanding system prevents the infiltration of dust into draperies, furniture, cabinets, air ducts and air conditioning systems during the sanding process.
We offer a variety of beautiful and durable Bona waterborne finish options to meet your budget, lifestyle and needs. Our highly skilled crew specializes in making your existing wood floors look brand new again.
A-Mar Interiors' advanced dust containment system keeps your home clean while our professionals refinish your hardwood floors!