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Who Is Your #1 Employee?

No, it's not Dan... or Bob... or Kathy, although we're sure they do a great job. No, this employee is often overlooked and sometimes neglected, but is actually your most dedicated. This employee is on the clock 24/7, 365 days a year, greeting the customer before they even step foot in the showroom. They create that all-important first impression, effectively engage your target customer audience, spin your company story, history, and testimonials to draw people in, and provide a direct conduit for questions, quotes, estimates and more. AND, this employee works pro bono. For FREE. Gratis. On the house.

You know where we're going with this, right? IT'S YOUR WEBSITE.

Let's Get Started.

So a potential customer hits your homepage and what do they see first? Well, each store is different. Some members want their promotions front and center and choose the rotating heroes slider. Others go with a high impact image or motion graphic to promote branding and lifestyle demographics. It's entirely up to you - and you're not locked in to your choice - change it up every couple months to update the look of your homepage.

Here's an example of the hero slider - this is great to showcase a promotion, an award, a location move - something you want to have high visibility. This slider will achieve that - up to a point. Keep in mind the attention span of your consumer - only the first three, maybe four, heroes will be seen. Any more just adds weight to your page, bringing down the performance and throwing up a red flag for crawl metrics.



Use the rest of the homepage content area to highlight products or services, reviews, project photos - let the consumer get a glimpse of what you're about with links to interior pages if they want to do a deeper dive.

Check out the links below to see live hero sliders, impact images and videos on our member sites plus get great ideas for other content pages to add to your own site.

Make An Impact!

A picture says a thousand words! Not only do high impact graphics help to convey the atmosphere of your store, they also enhance the user experience by drawing attention to special offers, featured information, glowing reviews, or call to actions. Going for a specific color scheme? Our web team can tailor the design to fit with your branding.


If you want to make a statement on your homepage, try a full-size image that welcomes customers to your site like these.

For a different look, we can create a split screen element to fit with your site’s color scheme. This gives your site a clean, organized, and polished appearance.

Just look at how these members integrated these split images into their sites.

It's All About The Brands

Brand filters on your website can be a way to add clarity to the online browsing experience for your customers. Your website brands pages list the logos of all of the approved suppliers in our full program. We have the capability of adding or deleting specific brands based on the ones you carry in your showroom. Removing brand logos also removes any associated product in the online showroom.

Why does our brand filter option help you? Potential customers who are looking for a specific brand will know that you offer it in your showroom. It also eliminates confusion when customers are browsing your website vs what you offer. One caveat to think about though, especially before removing a highly recognized brand like Shaw, Mohawk, or Armstrong - how many leads will you miss out on to convert to a similar product on your floor?

Contact us if you have adjustments to your brands pages. We’re here to help!

Carpet    Hardwood    Laminate    Tile    Vinyl    Area Rugs

Posting optimized content. Search engines LOVE content. And it's not about quantity anymore - it's all about quality. It's better to have fewer pages with highly focused, relevant content than a lot of pages with a few words and a picture. You know your areas of expertise - let's share that with the consumer!

Keep it fresh! Search engines don’t like websites that are stagnant. Update or refocus your content, change promotions - this helps your site rank higher.

Don't neglect off-site opportunities! Your Google business listing is crucial to your local ranking. Keep it up to date and fully populated with info and photos. Make sure your website is listed - not the corporate website! That goes for all other platforms - facebook, yelp, bing, yahoo, etc.


Don’t tell your customers about your great work… show them what you can do! Adding a gallery page to your site sells your services easily. Just snap photos of your projects, and let us know what type of flooring or remodeling project you completed. We will take care of the rest. The more specific you are about the brand, specs, and color of the material, the more it helps your customers.

Take a look at some of our members' great work!

Simmons Floor Covering, Denton
Coronado Paint & Decorating, Santa Fe
Classic Design Interiors, Lodi
Class Carpet, Floor & Home, Levittown

Nothing carries more weight than a personal referral! Grow your trust by showing off all the positive words your customers have to say about you! Interested in review widgets? We partner with Podium and Customer Lobby to give you a discounted rate on their services.

But you don’t need to stick with only those programs. If you find another one you want on your site, that’s fine! Send us the embed code they provide, and we’ll see if it works on your website. Check out how these stores use reviews on their sites:

Floorworks & Blinds
Towne Pride Interiors
Jerry Smith Flooring & Design

If you work with a third-party service or group, it's no issue for us! We can customize or add elements that you want on your site. Our web team receives info for outside blogs, widgets, and custom pages all the time, along with pixels, scripts, and tracking codes. While we can't guarantee every customization or program will work on your website, we'll try to accomplish your request with the best results possible!

Find something you want to try on your site that’s not on this list? No problem - we’ll try to create that look for your website!

Next Steps

Now that you've got these great ideas for your website - what's next? Reach out to your Marketing Specialist! They can help answer your questions, provide info on how to send photos and copy, and get your work requests moving. It's practically painless - just get started! Call or email your MS directly, or submit your work request to FloorHub.


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